Shooting with the Leica 24mm Summilux ASPH

The 24mm Summilux of one of my favorite lenses made for the Leica M rangefinder cameras. If I could only take one lens on my travels, then this would be it. The 24mm focus length is perfect for taking environmental portraits, cityscapes and travel photos. It requires you to get closer to your subject than a 35mm or 50mm lens, but rewards you with photos that can be stunning. The colors, micro-contrast and rendition produced by this lens are amongst the best I've seen yet from any Leica, Canon or Nikon lens.

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Imran Aziz
The Leica M10 experience

The M10 was released in January, 2017 and is a refreshing new addition to the Leica M series of rangefinder cameras. Leica has designed a product focused on the needs of still photographers and dumped the video feature from the previous model M (Typ 240).  Lets be honest, the key advantages of an M series camera are: rangefinder shooting experience, relatively small size & weight, and the fact that you can put amazing Leica lenses on the body without adapters. Keeping the design simple and not putting half-baked video into the camera was a good decision.

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